Hampton East

My sister and I interviewed three Real Estate Agents including Weston Real Estate. All of them were very similar in the service they said they would provide and their advertising. They all offered the usual things such as photo boards, brochures, internet advertising, open houses etc. The biggest difference between the three was the rate of commission two of them wanted to charge and the cost of the advertising.
Weston Real Estate's commission was almost half of the others and their advertising costs were only one third! We Auctioned the property and achieved an excellent price (which was nearly $90,000 more than one of the large local agents told us we would get) and we saved about $8,000 in commission and advertising.
We were extremely impressed with the way the whole Auction campaign was conducted and the feed back and advice given.
A big thanks to Michael and Stan for the top price we received for property. We would have no hesitation in recommending WESTON REAL ESTATE to all our friends.


Steven Perera