Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much money will I save selling my property through 

A - Most of our Clients choose Weston Real Estate to handle the sale from start to finish where savings compared to the standard commission of other agents are significant and could save you up to 50% in costs.

If you use our U SELL Real Estate Service - expect to save around $8,500 - $10,000 on the sale of your average Melbourne Home. Again depending on your properties value you could save as much as $20,000 or more - up to 75% savings compared to other agents.

For further information on our selling fees please click on the menu Sales Commission & Marketing Services

Q - Why are your commissions and costs lower than other agents?

A - We do not have the expense associated with maintaining a large expensive retail office and display window therefore we are able to pass these savings onto our clients in lower fees. Nearly 95% of buyers and tenants now search for property on the internet before looking in newspapers, real estate booklets and agent’s office windows. Agents office windows are now almost obsolete in selling and renting property.

Q - What is the difference between WESTON REAL ESTATE MELBOURNE and other real estate companies?

A - WESTON REAL ESTATE MELBOURNE we do not charge excessive fees 
Together with our For Sale by Owner division U SELL REAL ESTATE we save our clients thousands and our Landlords hundreds in fees while delivering great results.

Q - Does WESTON REAL ESTATE MELBOURNE sell properties by Auction or by For Sale?

A - We offer both methods including a third method - Sale By Closing Date (Tender) which is an excellent alternative to an Auction.

All selling methods have their advantages and disadvantages, it depends upon a number of factors, mainly the suburb location but the final decision is always our Vendor's -  
The goal is always the same - to expose the property to as many potential buyers as possible utilising our innovative/cost effective marketing campaigns and to negotiate a premium price with minimum fuss for our Clients.
Some of the factors to consider when making a decision on the method of sale are as followings:

  • the current real estate market
  • the type of property
  • the convenience to services
  • the suburb location

If you are unsure about which method would suit you or are interested in our U SELL Real Estate service please contact 
Michael Weston anytime on 9583 1200  or SMS your details to 0458 000456