What information will I get in the free sales report?

The information in this report is based on property data obtained by RP data Pty Ltd who are the largest providers of property information and data in Australia and New Zealand

At U SELL REAL ESTATE we subscribe to RP Data to receive this information so we are always up to date on all real estate sales/rentals and growth information in all suburbs right across Melbourne

In the Sales Report all your property details will be provided including your property type, the zoning, land usage and the land size and attributes. Other information is as follows:

  • Aerial and elevation views of your property utilising satellite imaging 
  • A list of points of interest in the immediate area
  • A list of comparable and recently sold properties within a 1 KM radius of your property, listing the property descriptions, images and sold prices of these properties
  • A list of comparable and current properties now on the market in your immediate area
  • Statistical data on property sales in your suburb during the last 12 months
  • Capital growth median property prices for the last 10 years and their percentage increase or decrease
  • Demographic data on household structure in your suburb like couples with children or single parents etc
  • Household occupancy information like renting verses owning in your suburb
  • Age and sex ratios in your suburb and household income information


This valuable information provided to you in this report is free and is a vital ingredient in determining the current market value of your property. All real estate agents have access to this or similar information and use it to provide you with their market opinion on price

At U SELL REAL ESTATE wherever your property is located we will provide you with this valuable information free

This is the advantage of the internet where property information and data is found by buyers, sellers and real estate agents. That’s why, whether buying, renting or selling almost 95% of property searches are done over the internet through sites like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au which U SELL REAL ESTATE fully supports

At U SELL REAL ESTATE we are a specialist real estate agency offering a complete real estate service with lower fees and outstanding results. “Wherever your property is located we will find a buyer for you and negotiate the highest price”

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