Key Personnel

Michael Weston | Director
has been in real estate since 1985, is a member of the REIV and is a highly respected practitioner within the industry. Having owned a traditional real estate agency for many years Michael has sold millions of dollars worth of real estate in this time setting many record prices. With unmatched expertise in property negotiations both at a residential and commercial level Michael has built a reputation based on honesty, hard work and a never give up attitude.

Internet advertising has now revolutionised real estate and become the main source of all marketing campaigns. Today the majority of buyers and tenants search for property on the internet, either on their desk computers, smart phones or note books and at their own leisure. This avoids the need to read advertisements in newspapers and/or visit agents and their office windows. Since the introduction of the internet and deregulation agents selling fees/advertising & marketing costs have increased substantially without any considerable advantage to Vendors or Landlords. We saw a need in the market where Vendors, Landlords and Buyers could still get the same service from their real estate agent but without paying excessive fees. We changed our agencies name and business model and took advantage of the internet where cost savings can be gained for both the agency and our clients.
U SELL REAL ESTATE began in 2011 providing a professional agency offering all the services of  traditional real estate agency without charging a fortune in fees. With experience, new innovative cost effective marketing, alternative selling options and low overheads U SELL REAL ESTATE guarantees you great results and will save you thousands in costs.

Stan Bender | Associate Executive
has been a licensed estate agent since 1985. Having been involved in the sale and rental of hundreds of properties he has a wealth of experience 2nd to none. Having the natural ability to understand people’s needs, over the years Stan has achieved outstanding results and in doing so has built a huge network of past and present clients. Stan heads up our Rental Management Department and is also a highly skilled Auctioneer and Negotiator. Stan is committed to our alternative real estate service saving his clients $1,000’s in commissions whilst still achieving the best result.
If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting and want a highly skilled, professional and experienced agent that will get you the best result without paying excessive fees than look no further than U SELL REAL ESTATE.

Did you know that in the inner suburbs of Melbourne the majority of real estate agents charge selling commission at the rate 1.5% to 2.5% of the sale price of the property and in the middle to outer suburbs up to 3.5% and even more in the country areas? In addition to the commission a marketing/advertising levy is charged which may vary between $500 - $8,000 and some times even more depending upon where your property is located
Take the average Melbourne House currently selling for $550,000 - pay the agent commission at the rate of 2.5% of the sale price then add an average marketing/advertising levy of $3,500 - TOTAL COST to sell your house is $17,250. Do these costs seem excessive? We think they are way too excessive!
There is a better way - If you choose U SELL REAL ESTATE to sell your property you would pay in TOTAL only $8,600
saving yourself $8,650.
If you choose our alternative Owner Assisted Service where you manage the open house
(25% of our clients do) and we take care of everything else you
will save yourself