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At WESTON REAL ESTATE MELBOURNE our fully licensed real estate agents are highly skilled negotiators.

Whether you are renting or selling, when you engage a real estate agent you not only want to promote your property to the largest amount of people but you want an agent that is experienced in negotiating the best outcome for you.

Did you know that many agents have had no formal training in how to negotiate?

The last thing you need is an inexperienced negotiator handling the sale of your most valuable asset.

When you list your property your most valuable asset is in the hands of an experienced fully licensed agent trained in negotiating and having sold and let hundreds of properties.

When selling or renting you need an agent that knows the market, knows the business, is experienced and knows how to negotiate the best result for their client’s.

At WESTON REAL ESTATE MELBOURNE not only do we offer you this, we guarantee it and we will save you Thousands in Commission too!

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