Sell Your Own Property in Victoria – Owner Assisted Service


In addition to our full private property sale service, we also offer you an alternative owner assisted service where you manage the open house and we take care of everything else, saving you thousands of dollars in fees.

A unique option that gives you the alternative of selling without agents in Victoria

“Why sell my own property in Melbourne when I can get an agent to do it for me?”

The answer is simple: if you are hesitant to take full control of selling your home, we can offer our expertise where needed while allowing you to look after what matters to you – the open house. When you choose to privately sell your home with our owner assisted option, you are rewarded with a range of benefits:

  • It is a superior alternative to that provided by Sell by the Owner in Melbourne and Victoria, Sell Your Own Property and all other No Agent websites
  • U SELL REAL ESTATE is responsible for all the marketing, advertising, the follow-up with buyers after each inspection, signing up offers and all negotiations on your behalf, guaranteeing you the best sales outcome for your home
  • You manage the open house only as our experienced agents have a direct influence on maximising the selling price
  • We minimise your costs and maximise your profits

How can I sell my own home in Victoria with minimal stress?

Our owner assisted service is the perfect balance of giving you some control to sell your own property in Melbourne and Victoria, while leaving the trickier details up to the real estate experts. We provide you the necessary advice and tools to manage your open house inspection as we work behind the scenes to handle negotiations and finalise selling details. Alternatively, find out why our full services for selling without agents in Melbourne, Victoria is such a popular choice for vendors.

Discover more about our alternative real estate services today

If you are still asking yourself “should I sell my own house in Melbourne?”, take a look at our FAQs page and discover just why so many people choose our services.

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Sell a property for $350,000 - pay only $3,500 in commission

Sell a property for $450,000 - pay only $4,500 in commission

Sell a property for $550,000 - pay only $5,500 in commission

Sell a property in excess of $550,000 - pay only $5,500