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Vendor Assisted Service


Offering the U SELL service
- an alternative selling service in Melbourne and Country Victoria where you can participate in the sale process by hosting the open house/buyer inspections yourself and we will reduce our commission to a flat fee of $5, 500.
NO SELLING - you host the open house only and we do everything else.

Throughout Australia Real Estate Sales People and For Sale by Owners do them every week and some of them have no formal training what so ever.

Professional Real Estate Agents are employed on their ability to promote and advertise your property with the intention of targeting the correct buyer groups and to then negotiate with them to obtain the best outcome for you. Some agents also promote their existing data base suggesting they already have buyers on their books for your property, in reality most data bases are old and used by agents as purely mailing lists. The majority of buyers are new and become aware of the property through the marketing and advertising campaign – mainly from the internet. The property has an advertised open house time so buyers will inspect the property by this method. Buyers don’t care who is doing the open house, if the agent is a local one, is from Tim Buck Two or is the Owner as they are only interested in the property. If they find one they like they will make an offer!

Why pay a real estate agent on average an extra $10,000 - $15,000 just to do your buyer inspections?
If you have 1-2 hours to spare each week and are serious about saving a heap of money, enough for an overseas holiday or a 2nd motor vehicle then our Vendor Assisted Service is for you.

First thing to remember is…. it is very easy and anyone can do it!
2 half hour inspections each week is all you need and we will provide you with all the training and support necessary to confidently carry out this function.

7 easy steps to Hosting your Open House
1. Introduce yourself and your assistant first.
2. Ask the buyers for their details and write them down on the open home registry.
3. Give them a brochure with the floor plan and let them walk through the property.
4. If they have questions they will ask you. Only answer questions about the property
   and only if you know the answer! If not tell them you will find out and your
U SELL agent will call them back.
5. When the buyers leave say goodbye and thank them for attending.   
    Remember U SELL will do all the follow up with all the buyers and let you know the 
6. If the buyers are interested they will approach you. Always refer them to U SELL.
    Never engage in conversation about price or terms – that’s our job!
7. After the open house contact U SELL REAL ESTATE by phone or email your open
    home registry so we can follow up with all the buyers, remember if anyone wants to
    make an offer we will sign them up first, negotiate you the best price and terms and
    then submit their written offer to you.
  SAVE $1,000's in Commission

For more details about our U SELL Real Estate please contact 

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Note Selling Commission is plus 20% for country Victoria properties